Our Myopia Control Program

We primarily use orthokeratology lenses in our myopia control program. Ortho-K (orthokeratology) is very exciting.  It's safe and it works! It is non-surgical and basically you wear therapeutic contact lenses while you sleep.  These lenses reshape your eyes so that when you wake up in the morning you will not need any glasses or contacts.


We have many happy patients who are wearing Ortho-K lenses.  The brand we have chosen is designed by Paragon Vision Sciences.  It is called CRT®.  You may know some of our patients who are wearing CRT® lenses.  If you do, ask them about it!  (Please click on the Testimonials link to see some of our patients.)


Do you have dry eyes?  Do you or your child play sports that make wearing contacts or glasses an annoyance?  If so... call our office and schedule a consultation to determine if  CRT®  is right for you! Ortho-K is not for everyone. We can determine during the consultation if it is a good option for you or your child.


Is your child's vision getting worse every year? Many parents become concerned when their child's vision worsens at a rapid pace and ask if there is anything that can be done. Ortho-k lenses are one way to slow down the progression of myopia (nearsightedness).


Alarmingly, the number of children in the United States with myopia is increasing. Myopia is a disease, which can lead to glaucoma, macular degeneration and retinal detachments. We felt that we needed to provide a service to help our young patients from getting more nearsighted, which is why we offer Ortho-K. We have been very successful in slowing down myopia in our children population using ortho-k lenses.


Dr. Reynolds is one of the most experienced corneal reshaping doctors in Colorado.  Not only is our staff experienced, but we are caring and will work with you to attain your goal for Ortho-K.


This is one of the most exciting services we offer, because it is so life-changing!


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