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“What is the MSVC Corneal Reshaping Program?”

The Mountain Shadows Vision Center has chosen to use the Paragon family of lenses to gradually reshape the front surface of your eye (cornea) to eliminate nearsightedness (myopia).  This treatment is safe, non-surgical and FDA approved.  The lenses are usually worn every night while sleeping and then removed upon awakening to provide clearer vision.


“Is Ortho-K new?”

Paragon CRT® was the first lens to be approved by the FDA in 2003 for overnight reshaping, but the concept is not new.  Years ago, this process, called “orthokeratology”, would take years to complete.  For this reason, doctors and patients elected not to participate in orthokeratology. With the newer technology and materials, we are able to achieve our goal more quickly.


“How much does this treatment cost?”

The entire program starts at $1450.  Fees depend on the form of payment, prescription and other factors, which make your program unique.  The fees include all of the professional visits for 12 months and a set of retainer lenses.  Ortho-K is reimbursable under Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA).


“Do I have to pay this every year?”

No, once the treatment for the first year is complete, you will maintain your corrected vision as long as you wear the retainer lenses at night, and keep the lenses clean.  After your treatment is complete you will continue to have annual eye examinations and maintenance checkups.  The checkups are included in our Maintenance Program. Our Maintenance Program starts at $550.


“Is this treatment permanent?”

The Ortho-K treatment is not permanent.  Therefore, it you want to surgically alter your eyes in the future, this treatment will not hinder that.  We have seen that once you discontinue wearing your CRT lenses your vision and cornea return to their original state. 


“Is this treatment safe?”

The Ortho-K treatment is very safe. There is a small risk involved when any contact lens is worn. It is not expected that the Ortho-K lenses will provide a risk that is greater than other contact lenses.  The small number of cases where a patient had developed a corneal ulcer were due to negligence of lens and lens case care, so it is imperative that you follow the instructions we have provided regarding your cleaning routine of the corneal reshaping lenses.


“Do Ortho-K lenses help stop my child’s eyes from getting worse?”

There are many theories about the progression of myopia.  Each one has been backed by data, but we are not 100% sure that any of them work.  Current studies are encouraging since they show that CRT® lenses may contribute to the slowing down of myopia.  We’re also seeing this among our teenage and adolescent patients who are in our Ortho-K treatment program.


“Do all eye doctors perform corneal reshaping?”

No, practitioners must go through a certification process prior to dispensing.  Since Ortho-K does not work on every patient and needs to be performed in a very exact and meticulous manner.  Dr. Reynolds feels the field of Ortho-K is very exciting.  She really enjoys working with her Ortho-K patients, although the process can be long and involved.   Dr. Reynolds also attends numerous seminars each year to enhance her fitting expertise. In addition, we have the necessary diagnostic equipment necessary to perform Ortho-K, which many doctors choose not to purchase.


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