Why Do Our Patients Like Ortho-K?

The CRT lenses work great if you are outside and are really active like me.  I went from 20/60 to 20/25 in one night.  Now my vision is about 20/15, and I have been using them for about 6 months.

Jacob, 10 years old


I don't need contacts for sports now that I use these.  They are comfortable to wear at night.  They do a great job correcting my vision.


Dr. Reynolds introduced me to the CRT lenses one year ago, I admit that at first I was skeptical, a lens you wear only at night is going to do what for me.  I wasted a year because of my disbelief.  In May 2007 I finally was ready to try the CRT lenses, and the results were amazing.  My vision before CRT was 20/200, after wearing CRT for only one night I was able to see 20/50, and by the end of the first week i was seeing 20/15.  I don't think I was able to see this good even when I was wearing glasses.  Since I have begun wearing the CRT lenses, I am able to do my job so much more effectively.  I have also found a new love for golf, prior to the CRT this sport was nearly impossible because of my poor vision.  To have perefct vision all day long without surgery seems too good to be true, so I tell everyone that I meet about the CRT lenses, in hopes that my testimony will be enough to make them believe that they too can experience life without glasses. Jacqueline




I like CRT because I can see throughout the day.  It is perfect since I play soccer.  It is also good for swimming.  Jessica, age 9


Your experience may differ, but mine has been spectacular! My vision wasn't that bad to begin with, something like 20/60 or 20/80, but it is now 20/15. This may not seem like a huge improvement, but it has been for me. I don't need any glasses at all now, and that is probably the biggest benefit. From anywhere in the room, I can now do things like see the time on the alarm clock, and see the information tickers at the bottom of the television screen without having to move closer.
I looked into laser eye surgery, and the people I talked to were great. But I was told that even with laser eye surgery my eyes may change and require me to go back to wearing glasses. For me, one of the nicest benefits of CRT is that it can be adapted to changes that your eyes will probably go through during your lifetime. So unlike the laser eye surgery dilemma, my CRT technology can be modified to adapt to any changes my eyes may go through and I won't have to go back to wearing glasses. There may be a limit at some point, but I am sold on this.
I play golf, and I can't wait to play again without glasses (I got CRT around October, so I haven't been out yet). My glasses were fine, but cut into my peripheral vision a bit (that's the excuse I used anyway). A rainy mist or fine drizzle would also cause problems for me, and I don't have to worry with that now. I have had a great experience with CRT, and I would recommend it to anyone.

“I love my CRT® lenses.  I used to wear glasses to school and play soccer wearing rec specs. The rec specs blinded my vision on the sides and they always slid around on my face.  Now that I wear CRT® lenses at night, my vision during the day is awesome.

It is so much easier to see now when I play soccer.  I don't have to keep adjusting my rec specs or worry about losing a contact while I am playing.  I also love not needing to wear glasses to school.  I am so glad I switched to CRT® lenses.”
Rilee, U13 Premier Soccer Player

From Mom and Dad:  “We have been so happy with Rilee's CRT® lenses.  At first I was concerned that she wouldn't be able to take care of them very well.  I thought it would take her a long time to deal with putting them in every night and taking them out every morning.  I thought she would be late getting to bed and late getting ready for school, but that has not been the case at all.  Rilee gets her lenses in and out in under 4 minutes every day, it has never been an issue with her.   Rilee has been so responsible with her CRT® lenses.  She wears them every night and keeps them clean and safe.  The results that we have seen with Rilee's vision since wearing her CRT® lenses have been fantastic.  She loves them and we love that she wears them.  It is just so convenient to not have to deal with wearing glasses any more.  We have recommended CRT® to several friends and now they wear them and love them.”

“I do not need to wear glasses any more.  I was about 20/40 and in one night I got to 20/25.  Right now I’m 20/20,  I can see better in sports, school and even if I watch t.v.  The CRT® do not even hurt!  Dr. Reynolds is very loving and patient with me.  I will strongly recommend CRT® to all of my friends.”

Roy, 8 years old

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